• Another Rollover
    WE move on to £300 next week after another rollover for the Big Green Lottery. Please note we are also currently undertaking a new telesales campaign for […]
  • Rollover
    AFTER giving away a Grand earlier in the week, we now have a rollover draw taking the weekly jackpot up to £200. Weekly Rollover 14, 15, […]
  • A Grand Day
    THE stars have once again aligned to shine on members of the Big Green Lottery with £1,000 given away in one special day. We have reached […]
  • Rollover up to Maximum
    NO winner on the weekly rollover, so we go forward to the maximum £500 next week and winner must be drawn…good luck to all Big Green […]
  • Rollover Reaches £400
    NO winners this week in the rollover draw, so we move on to £400. Weekly Rollover 8, 12, 22, 32 – NO WINNER 4, 17, 24, […]
  • Weekly Rollover
    NO winner on the BGL weekly draw, so we move on to £300 for next week. Weekly Rollover 5, 12, 19, 20 – NO WINNER 8, […]
  • March £500
    WELL done to James Derrick (member 981) from Plymouth, winner of £500 in the monthly BGL draw for March, nice little earner. It’s a rollover on […]
  • £400 to Mr Bright
    A HAPPY start to April for Mr Trevor Bright from Upminster, who has won £400 on our weekly rollover draw. We move back to £100 this […]
  • Up to £400
    THE Big Green Lottery rollover moves up to £400 this week after no winner was drawn from our ten random selections. As they say, you have […]
  • Posh Day Out
    CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Willcocks from Saltash (member 732) who has won a Boardroom experience for himself and a guest to attend the Peterborough game at Home […]