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Coaching Course

ALL our first-year apprentices have recently completed The FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football, which provides a more in depth understanding of coaching. The course introduces new themes, such as the appreciation of different coaching styles, fitness planning, and player development, preparing for accidents and emergencies and understanding players’ nutritional needs.

PFA Tutor Mike Cook implemented the course and took our players through the courses content with minimum 75 hours course duration, he said: “The certificate is aimed to support coaches with developing their knowledge of how to effectively plan, conduct and evaluate football coaching sessions. It will introduce coaches to an appreciation of the principles of the game, both attacking and defending, and how to utilise this knowledge for the game itself when they are playing.”

All our young apprentices were introduced to a number of key aspects related to the role of a football coach in working with youth players. These were delivered via home-based study tasks and delivered workshops by Mike Cook.

In addition, our boys had the opportunity to undertake two observed practical coaching sessions with Mike and received feedback based on selected criteria. This formed the basis of an opportunity to deliver 12 hours of coaching in our workplace to apply the experience gained from the course.

They also had to attend the FA Emergency Aid Course taken by our first team Physio Paul Atkinson and The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop tutored by Andy Mitchell the County Development Manager for Cornwall FA.

This is another key qualification that the LFE apprenticeship offers our young players as this is a nationally recognised qualification, awarded by 1st4sport.