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Super Cup NI Coverage

The BBC is giving great coverage to this year’s SupercupNI.

Can you make the following information known to players and parents and any supporters groups who might be interested.

All can be accessed by logging on to

The Tournament will be heavily featured on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Highlights Junior Section matches

Monday 24th July 2017

15:30 Co Tyrone v Plymouth Argyle @ Scroggy Road Limavady

19:00 Rangers v Co Armagh @ Coleraine Showgrounds


Tuesday 25th July 2017

17:00 Co Down v Co Antrim @ Ballymena Showgrounds

19:30 Co Fermanagh v Manchester Utd @ Ballymena Showgrounds


Wednesday 26th July 2017

15:00 Co Tyrone v Co Londonderry @ Anderson Park Coleraine

17:00 Manchester Utd v Southampton @ Coleraine Showgrounds


Thursday 27th July 2017

1 Semi Final to be recorded TBC


Live Streaming Premier Section matches

Saturday 22nd July 2017.

Match # On air K.O. Match
1 16:55 17:00 NI U18 v Man Utd U18

Monday 24th July: Ballymena Showgrounds

Match # On air K.O. Match
2 11:50 12:00 NI v Wales u19 Women’s international
    3   16:50   17:00   Beijing DCFC Morning Star Utd v Co Tyrone
4 19:20 19:30 Newcastle Utd v Co Antrim

Tuesday 25th July: Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

Match #  On air    K.O. Match
    5   16:50   17:00 Newcastle Utd v Beijing DCFC Morning Star Utd (CHN)
6 18:50 19:00 Club America (mex) v Co Antrim

Wednesday 26th July: Scroggy Road, Limavady

Match # On air K.O. Match
7 13:20 13:30           Strikers FC (USA) v Otago (nzl)
8 16:50 17:00 First Choice Soccer (USA) v Club America (mex)
9 18:50 19:00 Newcastle Utd v Komazawa Uni FC (jpn)

Thursday 27th July: Location TBC

Match # On air K.O. Off air Match BBC Commentator
10 18:50 19:00 Premier section semi-final 1

Friday 28th July: Ballymena Showgrounds (Staying on air straight through for 2 matches)

Match # On air K.O. Off air Match
11 16:50 17:00 Junior Section Final (30 mins each way)
12   19:00 Premier Section Final (35 mins each way)